Year : 2017  
Material : White Oak
Size : 60 x 50 x 25cm 
           52 x 50 x 45cm

Designed with Taeyang Yoo

While there was a huge change made from a sedentary residential style to a stand-up residential style in modern days in Korea, there rose different preferences between the older generation who were already used to the sedentary style and the rising generation who were used to the stand-up style. It can just be considered as a preference difference, however, we tried to find certain ways to suggest comfortable postures to everyone in order to seek a co-existing society for all generations. A perfect solution has been suggested by proposing a unit of a stand-up part with back and a sedentary part which can be minimized or expanded with slats. In case of the furniture spread out to the entire space, it is expected that users who prefer the stand-up style can enjoy the furniture simply by minimizing the slat part.

立: Sedentary residential
座: Stand-up residential


© Hyukjoon Choi